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Update from Dizzoland!

Well, it's all been happening these last few days!

As many of you know, Mr D is between jobs at the moment, and has been actively job hunting.  As expected, everything went quiet over the Christmas and new year break, and so a number of job applications he'd made in mid-December had all gone very quiet.  Then suddenly, yesterday and today - boom!  Three interviews booked for January ... so that's very encouraging.

To be honest, it's actually been rather nice having him at home for a little while, he's pottering around the house, keeping on top of housework and organising all those boring, necessary things that I hate doing when we're both out at work - like getting the boiler serviced!

I just hope he gets one of these jobs.  Not just from a financial point of view, although that would be very handy, but because he's had a couple of knockbacks over this whole job hunting exercise, (for instance, being turned down for a job that he could do standing on his head, because he wasn't 'the right cultural fit' ...).  He deserves a win, so I'll be keeping everything crossed for him.

On Monday, Mr D was helping our neighbour, Pete, clear out the incinerated remains of his garage, and his car.  He said it's amazing how little damage there was to our fence, considering it backs onto the garage, but it looks like the garage's concrete walls and metal roof insulated the worst of the flames.  If the garage had had a wooden roof, it might have been a very different story.

Funny, I'd always thought his garage was a bloody eyesore, I can't tell you how grateful I am to it at the moment!

This photo was taken by one of our neighbours on Sunday night after the fire was extinguished.  My house is the one on the right of the picture.

The car that was in the garage was an old one which, as far as I knew, hasn't seen the light of day for years, I didn't even know if it still worked, and for that reason, I'd always assumed it was more or less empty in terms of fuel.  When Mr D was helping Pete clear up, he discovered the the car did go out very occasionally, and it had about half a tank of fuel in it.  It's a very sobering thought that if the fire had reached the fuel tank ... let's just be thankful it didn't!

I'm getting into the swing of being at work again after the Christmas break.  Like everyone, it seems, I had a lingering cold over the Christmas break, and that's still with me to a certain degree.  Unfortunately, as it often the case, the last dregs of the cold that were still hanging on decided to go into my throat, so I've been nursing a sore throat and a bit of an earache for a few days now.  Then on Monday, it seems that whatever is causing the sore throat, has gone up into my jaw, and on the right side of my face where I have impacted wisdom teeth, top and bottom, the gums are just tender as hell.  That's making it really uncomfortable for me to eat, so, it looks like a doctors appointment is on my horizon shortly!

But hey-ho, it's a great way of dropping a few post-christmas pounds I guess!  :D

Not too much else going on at the moment.  I'm loving doing the snowflake challenge, and I'm so going to have a bash at the Quicky Bang.  I've got an idea for a new dapplegrey art pic, and on the subject of dapplegrey art, I'm working on something fun and exciting, so there'll be some news on that hopefully after the weekend.

I'm looking forward to catching up very soon with lovely ladies milly_gal and jj1564, along with a contingent of minis, hopefully this weekend, or if not, whenever our respective lurgies allow ...

And that's about it really.  Happy to report that on the whole, life is pretty good in Dizzoland
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