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Never a Dull Moment!

This was the view outside my back door earlier this evening!

My neighbour's garage was on fire, or at least his car in it was on fire.  I was alerted by another neighbour hammering on my door, and I called the fire brigade but someone had already called them, and within five minutes, we had two fire engines on the doorstep.

Luckily, no-one was harmed, and no property was damaged - apart from my neighbour's car which is an incinerated shell.

I was concerned for my fence because I that's the one way the flames could have travelled far enough to have reached either of our houses - I could see the flames licking over the top of it - but it looks okay, maybe just a bit smoke blackened!

Now, the firefighters and the fire investigator have all gone, and things have all calmed down back to normal, well except that everything inside and outside my house smells of smoke!

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