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100 Days of Happiness - Day 3

Some of you may recall I've mentioned my friend Jane here before.  Jane and I have known each other since the year dot - back to preschool times.  We're the same age, all bar three months, and I don't remember a time when we weren't a significant part of each others' lives.

Jane's going through a tough time at the moment.  Her husband is quite a bit older than her, and he has Alzheimers which is progressing relentlessly, and is very wearing for her as his carer, particularly as she has health issues of her own to deal with.

Because of her situation, it's been almost a year since Jane and I have been able to actually get together, and that's far too long.  so we arranged an afternoon out in London today, and I surprised her by bringing Mr D along.

Jane and Mr D adore each other!  When we met at Waterloo station, I met her alone, and he crept up behind her - her face was an absolute picture :)

So, here are a few pics of a very happy day!!

And here is poor old Big Ben, silenced for four years as it undergoes huge but necessary renovations.

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