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100 Days of Happiness - Day 1

I decided that with the new year upon us, it would be nice to start the year with a positive theme, and so I'm going to do 100 days of Happiness again.

This will be my third cycle of this meme, and as before, I can't promise I'll be able to post every single day, so it'll probably go on for much longer than 100 days, but happy stuff is happy stuff, however long it goes on for, right?

So without further ado, my first happy thing is ...

My Goddaughters.

Every year, my friend Janet sends us a calendar with photos of Laura and Amy, her daughters - my Goddaughters.  When she first started doing this about ten years ago they were two cute little tiddlywinks, but now this year, having not seen the girls for a couple of years (Janet, Pete and the girls live in New Zealand), it's really hit home that they have grown into beautiful young women, and I'm very proud of both of them.

Laura (white shirt) is 18 and Amy (blue shirt) will be 16 in March.
(Excuse the flash flare, but the calendar is printed on glossy paper).

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