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Fandom Review of 2017

So, 2017 came and went.  Like a pie in front of Dean Winchester, it vanished in a flash.

From a personal point of view, it was a year of consolidation.  Consolidating myself in my new job, and settling into my new work team, who are a fantastic - and very sociable - group of ladies.  Dapplegrey Art had one of its best years ever. Despite doing far fewer shows, mainly because of an unprecedented number of date clashes, the shows I did do were really worth doing, both financially and spiritually!

In terms of fandom, it's been another brilliant year.  I attended two Supernatural conventions and once again and got to molest meet J2!  One of the highlights of my Spn year was having the privilege of meeting David Haydn-Jones and Adam Fergus (aka the British Men of Letters) at the beginning of their convention journeys, which I don't doubt will be long and successful journeys for both of them.  The Spn low this year was the demise of Rogue Events which ended as ignominiously as you might expect for such a chaotic, badly run outfit, and left a large number of people (myself included) heavily out of pocket.

I also went to three general conventions (Sci Fi Weekender, London Film and Comic-Con and Fanfest Heroes and Villains) over the year which were all a blast, and which ended up with me getting a kiss from John Cleese - and how's that for a highlight?

Although my absent muse is still very much on a go-slow, I'm delighted that I managed to write quite a lot more words than I did in 2016, 26,611 compared to 21,613. Whilst it's not a figure to go mad about, it's a decent increase, and I'll happily take what I can get!

So ... here are the fics that made up those words:


Dancing King - written for the birthday fic challenge on spn_bigpretzel
The Best Laid Plans - a birthday fic for my good buddy meazrael_64
The Hunters' New Clothes - written for the Spring Fic Exchange at  spn_bigpretzel.  Written for twisted_slinky with art by emmatheslayer
Good Samaritan - written for sw0rdy in the spn_summergen Challenge
Movie Night - A birthday fic for everyone's favourite honorary Hunter Girl theymp
Not Just a Pretty Face - a random one-shot.  Just because!
Pumpkin Pandemonium - written for the Hallowe'en comment Fic Meme on spn_bigpretzel
Song and Dance - written for cuddyclothes in Crowley's Christmas Fic Exchange on spn_bigpretzel


I did manage to write 74 drabbles for the two drabble challenges that I take part in.  I'm not going to list them all, but you can find them all here!

Arty Farty Stuff


Fever - Artpost for 2016 Reversebang. (I couldn't post in last year's review because the story hadn't been released).
Happy Birthday to milly_gal
Banner for my fic - Down Time
Happy Birthday to our own Wayward Son
Happy birthday to zara_zee and sillie82
Happy Birthday to borgmama1of5
Happy Valentines Day
Happy birthday to whysosadbunny
The One - illustrated drabble
Happy Birthday Jensen
For JJ - a little get well gift
Banner for Spring Fic Exchange at spn_bigpretzel
Happy Easter
Happy Birthday to chellexxx
Illustrated drabble for Sam's birthday
A Get Well Wish for milly_gal
Happy Birthday to heavenli24
Happy Birthday to big_heart_june
Happy Birthday to julchen11
Happy Birthday to amberdreams
Banner for my story - The Man in the Mirror
Happy Birthday to raloria
Happy Birthday to digitalwave
Happy Birthday to metallidean_grl
Happy Birthday Jared
Happy Birthday to 999alena
Happy Birthday to sinfulslasher
Happy Birthday to fireheart13 and firesign10
Happy Birthday Misha
The Number of the Dizzo - 666 fics!
Twelve Wonderful years
Happy Birthday to wings128
Banner for my story - The Darkest Realm
Banner for Hallowe'en Comment Fic Meme on spn_bigpretzel
Happy Birthday to stir_of_echoes
Have a Horribly Happy Hallowe'en
Happy Birthday to herminekurotowa
Captured - Reversebang 2017 Art Masterpost
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Birthday to emmatheslayer
Favourite Subject - Reversebang 2017 Art Masteerpost
Happy Holidays
The Three Wise Jensens
Happy New Year

Traditional Art

Colouring: Sam and Dean
Colouring: Gym Coach Dean
Monster Movie Sam and Dean
Monster Movie Dean Mk II
Parody Cas
Parody Dean
Parody Sam
Mr Ketch
Colouring: Sam
Colouring: Dean


Across the year, I was busy picspamming - more Jensen pics than you can shake a stick at.  You can find them all here


I went to two cons this year, Asylum 18 and Jus in Bello.  Here's where you can find the pictures, reviews and squee!

Flyby from the Asylum
A Room with a View
Tales from the Asylum
JIB Jensen
JIB addendum
Arrivedercci Roma
A few more JIB Photos
JIB Jensen single photo

Other Conventions

Birthday Flyby from Wales
Sci-fi Weekender, Wales
Fanfest Heroes and Villains Olympia
Words and Pics from LFCC

Other Stuff

I was thrilled to have the opportunity of participating in GISHWHES again for what was its final year.  As always, it was the usual mix of fun, philanthropy and utter insanity.  Here's my review ...

I continued the running of the weekly Drabble Challenge over on Fanfiction.net alongside my dear friend, vansgroi .

The DEW Challenge at spn_bigpretzel celebrated its third anniversary and I'm thrilled to have had ownership of the comm transferred to me this year.  It's very special to be entrusted with the future of the community which I've always described as my spiritual home on Livejournal.  Sincere thanks to auntmo9 and just_ruth for running the show with me!

The Mini mayhem just keeps on keeping on over at spn_on_parade where the resident population of minis continues to expand at an alarming rate.  We're currently joined by approximately 120 watchers and we celebrated our third anniversary in July - not bad for a community that started out of nothing more than a random idea for a bit of fun by three ladies with a lot of minis and a healthy disregard for social norms! Huge thanks go to my gorgeous co-mods jj1564 and milly_gal, not to mention all our members who who keep the comm humming with activity and continue to make this little madhouse one of the cutest and friendliest corners of Livejournal.

And, phew, that's it for 2017, looking forward to another round of fandom crazy in 2018!
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