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We all have off days

Some of us have more than others.  Even Dean gets the odd one ...

Sam has the dubious privilege of seeing Dean when he's less than at his best

Rating: K+
Genre: Hurt Comfort/Humour
Word Count: approx 100

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my poor sad and addled mind. 


"Hack-hack-ackackack" … "Shhhnurkkggh" …

Dean raised a trembling wrist to his raw, wet nose.

"Do you admit you're sick now?" Sam loomed over his shivering brother.

"migh' be a bit … ssnurrrugghh … under the - hack - weather"

"Under the weather? Dude, you're a damned …"


"… biohazard"; Sam wiped his face.

"sniff …"

"blow your nose, man; if it drips much more you'll dehydrate!"


Dean stared up at his brother, pallid face glistening with sweat, dewdrop hanging off the end of his red nose.

"snurkgh …"

Sam shook his head.

"I can't believe that women find you attractive!"



Tags: cold, cough, dean winchester, flu, hurt comfort, sam winchester, sneeze, supernatural
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