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Asylum 8 pics and random babblings ...

Phew!  What an AWESOME weekend!!!

Finally back home after having obscene amounts of fun with great friends Viv, Anne-Marie and others and fantastic guests; I'm footsore, tired and suffering post-con blues!

I never cease to be amazed and impressed by how genuinely appreciative the Supernatural cast and crew are of the fandom, and it's lovely to hear them talk about it.

A8 was DJ Qualls (Garth) first convention and he said he was absolutely blown away by the warmth and love that he had been received with, he'd never experienced anything like it, and Steven Williams' (Rufus) daughter who was visiting with him apparently said she was amazed and grateful for the love and respect and affection that her father was receiving from the fans.  She also added that having seen the value of fanns at this convention that if she ever came across an actor dissing a fan she would 'smack the shit out of them!' 

I hi-fived Castiel, bought Guy Bee a drink, had the biggest hugs EVER with Rufus and Lucifer, talked rubber ducks with Crowley, and fell in love with Garth, and best of all I got a great big beardy bear hug from Bobby!

A highlight for me had to be the pyjama party, sitting around, eating cake and watching the finale on live stream at 2 am in the morning. 

As the great man himself once said, "family don't end with blood," and this fandom really does feel like a family; there were inspiring stories of the fandom uniting to help it's members in need and for all sorts of good causes (eg: little Thomas Colton's charity collection) and I for one feel very, very lucky to have found it.

But anyway, for what it's worth, here are some of my pics ...

Do I or do I not look moderately pleased to be hugged by Bobby :)

Who needs Charlie's Angels when you've got Bobby's Idjits?  (with Viv, Anne-Marie and Angela)

The devil is surprisingly cuddly :)

The Fab Four


Guy Bee and Jim Michaels - two very clever men!

Crowley's Angels - er ... Demons

The end of a long evening!

How not to pose for a photo when you are trying (and failing) to suppress a giggling fit!

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