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Bard Day at Black Rock

It occurred to me at the weekend that I have written 199 fanfics of various sizes and types, so it seemed rude not to think of a new and extra special way to torture Dean for my 200th fic ...

So here goes for a drabble with a historical flavour!

During their research, the brothers have an accident with an authentic Shakespeare manuscript.The great bard is less than amused and exacts a unique and entertaining (well, from a spectator's point of view anyway) revenge ...

Disclaimer: Wherefore art they? Nowhere near me, unfortunately.


Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Word Count: 100

"Sam, didst thou a moron call me?"

"Verily, dude, thou art a misbegotten pox-ridden moron."

"God's Teeth! How canst thou blameth me, thou beetle-crushing bitch; the decision to burn the friggin' page was thine."

"'Turn', Dean. Fie; I say thee, 'TURN' the page, not burn it; thou cloth-eared pribbling jerk!"

"Oh ... unknottest thou thy manjigglies, Samantha!"

"Bobby, wilt thou help us seek a solution to this most irksome perplexment?"

"Marry, Bobby, hie thee hence whither lies the answer; withal I desire not to sound like a prattling douchebag."


Bobby would figure out the reversing charm tomorrow.

Assuming he'd managed to stop laughing by then.



Tags: bobby singer, dean winchester, humiliating, humour, sam winchester

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