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A Duo of Drabbles

Here are a couple of little drabbles written for the Fanfiction.net drabble challenge a couple of weeks ago, and the DEW challenge over here.  The FF.net challenge word was 'sprawl' and the DEW themes were 'Jack' and 'Illness'.

Both drabbles:

Rating: K+
Genre: Humour
Characters: Sam, Dean, Jack, Castiel
Spoilers/Warnings: vague spoilers for 13.06 in second drabble
Word count 100, and 200
Disclaimer: I don't own them

Jack learns that whilst the effects of illness may always be similar, the causes aren't ...


Jack understood the concept of sickness.

He understood that humans could be damaged in many unpleasant ways by different types of bacteria and viruses.

He also understood that this morning Dean was sick. Sprawled bonelessly over one of the bunker's great Chesterfield armchairs, Dean's skin had an unwholesome grey taint, and he smelled … like nothing Jack had ever smelled before.

Clearly sickness was not an enjoyable experience, so Jack needed to learn about it. And after listening to Dean bitching and moaning, he decided that the first thing he had to understand was what kind of bacteria a 'Kentucky Bourbon' was.



Dean's glad to provide Jack with a valuable learning experience. He might not be so glad when it's reciprocated though …


If course, we were all thrilled to be reunited with Cas again. Our gang back together plus Jack who, I'm glad to say, Dean's really warmed up to. Team Free Will 2.0, Dean called us.

So of course we had to celebrate didn't we?

A massive pizza takeout, and two bottles of bourbon later, Dean's just dozed off, grinning like a loon; I've got the promise of a seriously sore head in the morning, and on the other side of those stupid saloon doors, poor Jack's sprawled out on the couch with Cas mother-henning him.

He only had a few glasses of the stuff, but it completely knocked him off his feet.

I had warned Dean that Jack's just a kid, we shouldn't let him drink. But Dean was having none of it. 'Let him celebrate with us', he'd argued. 'Anyway, It's a rite of passage for any teenager; the kid's first hangover – a good learning experience'.

Yes, well, ten minutes ago, Jack puked. In Dean's boot.

And guess what? I'm not gonna tell him, oh no - no sirree.

Tomorrow morning, Dean - life coach extraordinaire to the waifs and strays of the universe - can have his own freaking learning experience.



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