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Odd one out

As you may recall, Mr D and I attended our dear friend, Steve's living wake a couple of weeks ago - details here and here.

Now, Steve was a railwayman, so it was in effect a railway reunion.  Therefore, I was well aware it would be a very 'blokey' day.  Let's be honest, the railway was and still is a very male-orientated environment.  But hey, there are women on the railway right?  And of course, those railwaymen, most of them would have wives and girlfriends yes?

So I figured that, whilst I might be in a minority, there would be a few other women there ...

For the answer, let me just refer you to this marvellous piece of artwork by another Steve, a fellow railwayman who was with us all on the day.  He felt the need to capture for posterity the mood of such a fabulous event through the medium of cartoon ...

Bet you can't spot me!

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