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Musings on 13.06 ...

Obviously, by definition this will be spoilery ...

Well, got to say, I loved this episode.  From a totally shallow point of view, (because I leave the whole yammering on about plot development and character development to people who are far better at that and more observant than me), I suppose we were all gagging for a glance at texas ranger Dean, who was - of course - scrumptious beyond description.

However, for me, the highlight of the episode was the little exchange with the four boys in the hotel room:

Okay, so now it's canon that Dean snores.  I don't know why I find that totally adorable, but I do!

Freshly woken Dean's pitiful coffee dependency was hilarious - a gift for Jensen's comic talent.  This just made me grin so hard.
Can we also have an honorable mention for his right bicep here?

THIS.  Just this ... Sam, Cas and Jack have the temerity to suggest moving before Dean's finished his coffee.  He hasn't quite got past his sleep addled fog to regain the power of coherent speech yet, but that one raised finger speaks volumes - along the lines of 'drag me away from my coffee and I WILL hurt you ...'

I know this face, a face that only a true coffee lover will recognise.  Our boy is savouring every drop of that coffee.

We all know that Sam no doubt springs out of bed and probably does a hundred press-ups before downing a glass of lentil juice, and bless him, I wouldn't blame him for keeping out of Dean's way!

I love my poor grumpy (angry like a bear) sleepyhead!
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