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100 Questions Meme - No. 71 - 80

71: what's your favorite kind of tea?

I like English  Breakfast Tea, but it has to be strong - builders tea.  And milky tea is an affront to everything that is right and decent in this world.
I'm particularly partial to Earl Grey and Lady Grey tea.

72: are you a person who needs to note everything down or else you'll forget it?

Oh yes, I wouldn't trust my memory at all!

73: what are some of your worst habits?

I'm a pathological nailbiter.  That's why I wear false nails, because they're hard and protect my nails from being bitten down to the quck.

74: describe a good friend of yours without using their name or gendered pronouns.

Brave, funny, stoic and positive

75: tell us about your pets!

Sadly don't have any pets at the moment :(

76: is there anything you should be doing right now but aren't?

Probably a hundred and one things all revolving around housework!

77: pink or yellow lemonade?

I've never quite 'got' the point of pink lemonade.  Why?  Lemons are yellow!

78: are you in the minion hateclub or fanclub?

Love the Minions!!

79: what's one of the cutest things someone has ever done for you?

Back in the days when we were still going out, Mr D bought two tickets to the 1992 London Rembrandt exhibition for my birthday, we both went and I had a wonderful day.  It wasn't until much later that I realised the poor chap had been absolutely bored out of his brains! :D

80: what color are your bedroom walls? did you choose that color? if so, why?

Terracotta, we went for a terracotta and cream colour scheme (the carpet is cream).  Yes, we did choose it, but it's probably due for a change soon.
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