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Meme-y stuff x 2

51: think of a person. What song do you associate with them?

When I think of my nephew, Sam.  I always think of the Madonna song, Frozen.  He was a tiny tot when it was released and he was fascinated by the video, and would sit silent and enthralled in front of the TV whenever it was on.

52: What are your favorite memes of the year so far?

I don't really follow a lot of memes, but I do like all the various memes that take the piss out of Trump and his cronies because, well, Trump.

53: have you ever watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Heathers?Beetlejuice? Pulp Fiction? What do you think of them?

I've watched some of those movies, and I do enjoy them.  I love Rocky Horror, I've  seen both versions of the film and seen the show at Woking and it's such great fun; naughty and totally bizarre.  A cult movie in the best way!

54: Who's the last person you saw with a true look of sadness on their face?

That was probably my Dad after my Grandad (his dad) passed away.

55: What's the most dramatic thing you've ever done to prove a point?

Left my job in protest at a bad manager.

56: What are some things you find endearing in people?

Quirkiness.  Anyone who has a personality trait or an interest that's odd or off-the-wall is fun to know in my eyes

57: Go listen to Bohemian Rhapsody. How did it make you feel? Did you dramatically reenact the lyrics?

It's impossible to listen to Bohemian Rhapsody and NOT turn into Aida, isn't it?

58: who's the wine mom and who's the vodka aunt in your group of friends?

I would probably be the wine Mom, I'm not sure I know a vodka aunt.  Now if it was a gin aunt, that would probably be irtually eeryione I know!

59: what's your favorite myth?

I love the whole raft of stories revolving around hares and their close bond with the moon.

60: do you like poetry? what are some of your faves?

I do like poetry, but I can't say I have a favourite poet.  My faourite poems include:
Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll
Funeral Blues by WH Auden

Night Mail by WH Auden
If by Rudyard Kipling
Granny by Spike Milligan

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

Day 30: A song that reminds you of yourself

Well, I thought I'd end this particular meme on a lighthearted note with the song, London Girls, by Chas and Dave.
Because us London girls are bloody awesome!!!

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