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Meme-y stuff x 2

Day 28: A song by an artist with a voice you love

I've always loved the haunting quality of Justin Hayward's voice, and as lead singer of the Moody Blues, this I think is one of his most beautiful songs, Nights in White Satin.

31: what is your opinion of socks? do you like wearing weird socks? do you sleep with socks? do you confine yourself to white sock hell?

I only wear white socks to the gym, otherwise my socks are all black or coloured ones. I only wear socks when I'm out and about in shoes, otherwise in the house I'm generally barefoot.

32: tell us a story of something that happened to you after 3AM when you were with friends.

At Asylum 12 (I think) I had a pyjama party at the Hilton with several fandom friends including amberdreams, xlittleangx, edina_clouds128 and watched the Supernatural season 7 finale.

33: what's your fave pastry?

Maple pecan plait

34: tell us about the stuffed animal you kept as a kid. what is it called? what does it look like? do you still keep it?

My favourite cuddly when I was little was a little toy kangaroo called Kiki.  We were inseprable until the day I went shopping with my Mum and Dad when I was about six and I left her in a shop somewhere, and never saw her again :(

35: do you like stationary stationery and pretty pens and so on? do you use them often?

Oh yes.  I love stationery and especially pencils!  I am a pencil field :)

36: which band's sound would fit your mood right now?

I can always listen to Queen.  They have a song for every mood!

37: do you like keeping your room messy or clean?

I have said this many times, but I think I suffer from a form of anti-OCD because I seem to exist in a state of perpetual chaos!

38: tell us about your pet peeves!

People who can't debate and discuss in a resonable manner.  Whenever I follow discussions on Facebook and Twitter they seem to just descend into mudlslinging slanging matches.

39: what color do you wear the most?


40: think of a piece of jewelry you own: what's it's story? does it have any meaning to you?

My engagement ring was my great grandmother's engagement ring.  She married in 1921, and we don't believe it was bought new then.  She left it to me when she passed away, but as I was only ten, she gave it to my Mum to take care of until I was old enough, and I decided early on that I wanted it for my engagement ring when the time came.  It was purely because of that ring that we married on 20th August - my great grandma's birthday.

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