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100 Questions Meme - Questions 21 - 30

Woohoo, been out all evening, but just got time to squeeze this in before bed!

21: talk about your favorite bag, the one that's been to hell and back with you and that you love to pieces.

My pencil handbag ... I love it!!!
I saw it on a stall at a craft fayre I was working years ago, and loved it so much, I would have sold my firstborn to have it if I'd needed to!
I have since bought the bigger version and the rucksack version as well :D

22: are you a morning person?

I'm okay once I've had my first dose of caffeine!

23: what's your favorite thing to do on lazy days where you have no obligations?

Breakfast in our local coffee shop, then a day drawing or writing.  A good movie, a nice meal and a bottle of wine would feature somewhere too.

24: is there someone out there you would trust with every single one of your secrets?

My bestest fandom friends are a broadminded lot, I like to think I could trust them with any interesting secrets I might have ... sadly, I don't have any at the moment!

25: what's the weirdest place you've ever broken into?

Mr D and i once ducked under the fence around an old 50's derelict holiday camp on the Isle of Wight which was destined for demolition, and had a little exploration.  It's now a housing estate.

26: what are the shoes you've had for forever and wear with every single outfit?

I really don't have such a pair of shoes!

27: what's your favorite bubblegum flavor?

It;'s absolutely yonks since I had bubblegum.  I had an orange flavoured one once that was really yummy.

28: sunrise or sunset?

I like the concept of sunrise far more than sunset, but in reality I see far more sunsets than sunrises!

29: what's something really cute that one of your friends does and is totally endearing?

My friend Dave is the only person who still calls me by a nickname based on my maiden name - Ludders!

30: think of it: have you ever been truly scared?

Yes, clinging to a bolting, totally out of control horse. My life really did flash before me!

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