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100 Questions Meme - Questions 1 - 10

The lovely milly_gal discovered a fabulous 100 questions meme, so I decided to spread the fun, and post it in manageabkle chunks of 10 questions each!

1: when you have cereal, do you have more milk than cereal or more cereal than milk?

About half and half

2: do you like the feeling of cold air on your cheeks on a wintery day?

Yes, to a degree, but then it gets old really quickly

3: what random objects do you use to bookmark your books?

Believe it or not - bookmarks!  I have a couple of those leather bookmarks you can get from various places, and I may be the only person I know who uses them for the purpose they're intended!

4: how do you take your coffee/tea?

Coffee.  I love lattes and cappuccinos, but I love ordinary filter coffee too - with skimmed milk and sugar or sweeteners. Decaffienated coffee will never touch my lips as it is an offence against everything that is right and good.

Tea. Has got to be strong, very hot, and with just a dash of milk - what we call here in the UK 'builders tea' - with sugar or sweeteners.  Putting too much milk in tea should be an offence punishable by public flogging.

Every now and again I like to treat myself to a cup of Earl Grey Tea or Lady Grey Tea which I have with just a spot of milk, and sugar or sweeteners.

5: are you self-conscious of your smile?

No, not at all.

6: do you keep plants?

I have a couple of plants in my living room which seem to be doing ok, because I do occasionally find time to water them.  The plants in my garden exist on the principle that nature made plants to look after themselves.

7: do you name your plants?

Uh, no.

8: what artistic medium do you use to express your feelings?
Drawing, writing, dancing.

Arting and writing

9: do you like singing/humming to yourself?

I am an unashamed car singer :)

10: do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach?

I mainly sleep on my right side because my left arm (the one with metal in it) tends to go numb if I lie on it for any length of time.

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