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Music Meme - Day 27

Day 27- A song that breaks your heart

The Show Must Go On by Queen.

This is a fabulous song, even without knowing the context in which it was written.

It's a known fact that Freddie was already in his final weeks when this song was recorded, it was released six weeks before his death.
The remaining members of Queen were very worried about his health, and considering the sad possibility that he may no longer have the energy to sing such a powerful song properly. So, when aproached to record, the producers and other band members commented on his fragile health state. they even said it was probably detrimental to his health for Freddie to attempt this. His reaction? "Oh for god's sake, shut up - I'll fucking do it, darling" and he recorded this. Literally, his last record. He was too fragile and too ill to appear in the video, and so a video was made that featured historical clips from the band's past instead.

Considering the lyrics of this song, this was a last act of rebellion. Freddie wasn't just singing here, he was mocking DEATH. He was spitting in it's face, making a statement at how not even death would keep him from making music.

The line 'My make-up may be flaking but my smile still stays on' breaks me.  Every. Single. Time.
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