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A good day had by all!

Today I travelled down to the lovely town of Winchester (no less) to meet up with my dear buddies, jj1564 and milly_gal not to mention a truckload of Funko minis, to eat drink, make merry, fangirl, and otherwise terrorise a pubload of normal folk.

After eating a meal big enough to sink a battleship, we retired outside to enjoy a coffee and set up some photoshoots with our little dudes.  While some of the remaining patrons of the pub were looking through the patio doors at us and holding us up to their children as a prime example of how NOT to behave when you're grown up, we carried on regardless, and actually found a couple of patrons who joined in the fun, and were clearly as bonkers as we were!

You can see the adventures of us and our mini folk over at spn_on_parade!

Thank you to my gorgeous girls (and to the little plastic peeps) for a fabulous fun and crazy day!

Misha 'I want to live in a world where the word 'normal' is considered an insult' Collins would have been proud of us :D

Tags: fandom friends, happy dizzo, little plastic people

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