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Meme-y stuff x 2


Day 18 - A song from the year you were born

This one; Lady Madonna by the Beatles.  I don't even particularly like the song, but it was number one here in the UK in the week of 1st April 1968 - the day I was born!

What are some of your favorite convention moments?

I've been blessed to attend a lot of conventions, so there are lots of moments I could single out as being special, but I guess for me, the first time I met Jensen - my first photo op was amazing.  Even though I just grinned like a loon and I can't be sure I actually managed to squeak out one single coherent syllable, it was magical!

Sharing a flight to Rome with Jared was special too, especially his smile when he spotted my Winchester Bros T-shirt, and knew exactly where I was going! Then he remembered me a few days later when I turned up for my photo op and called me his 'Plane Buddy'.  yep, I was pretty much a puddle on the floor!
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