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Flyby Hello!

Just sticking my head round the door to say 'hi', before I head off to bed.  I've been away on the good old Isle of Wight sans internet at my last art show of the summer season, a very small, understated affair in Totland, my Mum and Dad's local village.

There is a pretty grass stretch along the clifftop overlooking the sea on the edge of their village, called Turf Walk. Every year at the end of Summer Totland Parish Council used to run an event called 'Art on Turf Walk' which was a lovely event, it was actually dapplegrey art's first ever show back in 2007.  I attended this show for several years until about four years ago when it was inexplicably cancelled about a month before it was due to run, and then the following year, we were all told it wouldn't take place at all.

It turns out that a huge badger sett under Turf Walk had caused part of the area to cave in, making it unsafe to have large numbers of people walking around on it.  A so-called expert was called in to advise on how to discourage the badgers from undermining Turf Walk, and in his wisdom, he advised on blocking up certain passageways to 'encourage' the Badgers to frequent the part of their sett that didn't affect Turf Walk.  Therefore, upon his advice, council workmen spent a week filling in the nominated holes.

It took all of a month for the badgers to excavate them all again, and so the Totland Parish Council grudgingly admitted defeat...

Lesson learned: Leave the bloody badgers alone - they were there first!

So, to cut a very long story short, the show I worked this weekend was the first attempt to replace the Art on Turf Walk event with the newly inaugurated 'Art on Colwell Common'.  Colwell Common is a big village green which links the two tiny villages of Totland (where my parents live) and its neighbouring Colwell.  The common is surrounded by beautifully established oaks and horse chestnut trees and, most importantly, it is currently badger-less.

It was a lovely little event, very low-key, but I'm sure it will grow and develop as time goes on, and I made some good sales.  I even had a couple of people seeking me out.  Local peeps who had heard 'that dapplegrey art would be there'.

Apparantly, I have something of a 'rep' on the island ...

Well, you learn something new every day!!!!!
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