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The story of my week told through the medium of Jensen ...

I've been a little bit absent this week, because there was a job that needed doing, and I decided that it wasn't going to do itself, as much as I would have wished it.

The job in question is doing the accounts for dapplegrey art.  I like getting the money in, but I my general feeling towards doing the 'books', can be summed up fairly succinctly by this gentleman:

The thing is, you know when your Mum used to tell you if you do a little bit of homework every night and don't save it all up until the last week of the school holidays, it doesn't take up so much time and won't feel so bad?  Yeah, well, that's one life lesson that I obviously forgot because when I checked back, I hadn't touched my cashbook since ... ahem, *whispers* ... August 2016.

And as I need to file my tax return by the end of October, times a'ticking.

So, earlier this week with a heavy heart and a bottle of wine, I settled in for a couple of nights catching up with all my fiscal tardiness, at least until April of this year so that I can send the figures to the tax office; that marvellous institution for whom I hold so much respect and affection.

Oh, wait ...

But anyway, the bulk of the job is done - until April of this year at least, so I can file my tax return and forget about numbers for a while.  And it feels sooooo ...

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