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The Twats in Hats hit London. London doesn't know what hit it ...

The lovely ladies that I have the pleasure of sharing my working day with, and I all headed London-bound yesterday for a day of fun, frolics and - ok, you guessed it - alcohol.

We are affectionately kown by our Managing Director as 'The Twats in Hats', and the name has just stuck - we love it.  The reason being that whenever we go out, we've always ended out wearing hats for a fun theme of the day.  At our cricket match last summer it was Cricket hats (well, duh!), in the summer it was sailor hats for our boat trip, and yesterday the theme was random basecall caps.

Now randomness is relative, and I figured a Supernatural quote would be pretty random, because to the majority of people it would mean absolutely nothing.  I love so many Supernatural quotes, so narrowing it down to one was impossible.  In the end, I got it down to two, and they were:

It's funnier in Enochian, and
They ate my Tailor!

So that was my decision, two hats for the day then!

Anyway, apologies in adance for the picture onslaught to follow, but many photos were taken, and these are the edited highlights!!!

So, to kick things off, here is a masterclass in how to wear a hat with sophistication and aplomb ...

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