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A nice surprise (forgive my indulgence!)

I've said before that I struck lucky when I got my current job after things got completely insufferable at my last place.  I've never been left in any doubt that my new boss values what I can do, and that makes getting up and going to work so much easier to do!

However, yesterday, we had a team meeting (which - I won't lie - can sometimes be fairly tedious), and at the lunchbreak, my boss proceeded to give the room a speech about how she felt the payroll was in good hands.  She went on to say how well and calmly she thought I dealt with a recent tax office inspection, and how my new report, Karen, has spoken highly to her about my support and training.  She then produced a lovely bunch of flowers and presented them to me!!

My thank you card from the department

So, yes, I was pleasantly gobsmacked!

I hadn't actually realised how much of a battering my motivation had taken at my last place with my twat of a so-called Manager who barely acknowledged my existence.

My boss arranged for me to get a very nice bonus in February this year, which I technically wasn't entitled to because I hadn't been there a full year, but she told me that I deserved it and that our Managing Director had signed it off without question, which was lovely to hear.  Somehow, however, this little gesture seems even more special, and over the past few months, I've felt  energised for my day job in a way I haven't felt for several years.

Finally.  It's great to take pride in my work, and be able to get real job satisfaction once again!
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