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A Duo of Drabbles

Here are two little drabbles written for the DEW challenge at spn_bigpretzel and the Fanfiction.net weekend challenge.

The DEW challenge theme was 'body parts', and the FF.net challenge word was 'bone'.

Now, I suppose I could have used fairly normal, unembarrassing body parts like, for instance, elbows or toenails but, well ... hello?  Dizzo!

Both drabbles:
Genre: Humour
Rating: L+
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Word Count: 100


"After I raised you from perdition Dean, I rebuilt you; every muscle, every sinew, every bone."

"Well, thanks Cas, that's super creepy!"

"You were heaven's finest work Dean, why is that 'creepy'?"

"You and a bunch of other angel dudes seein' parts of me I've never seen? Trust me, that's creepy!"

"The blueprints are still in heaven's library, I can go and …"

"No thanks Cas."

"Anyway, while you were doing this rebuilding, couldn't you have given me an extra – you know – couple of inches?"

"But I did Dean."

"Really? I can't say I noticed."

"Oh yes. You've got the longest appendix anyone's ever seen."




"So, Mr Winchester, you came here because you've been getting occasional bouts of acid indigestion?"

"That's right. That, and my brother here is a giant girl who wouldn't stop crying until I came to see you."

"Well, your brother was right to suggest you see a doctor. From what you and he have told me about your diet, lifestyle and stressful job, I'd say this is probably nothing to worry about but it's worth having a look, so I'm going to send you for an endoscopy."

"An endoscopy?"

"Yes, that's right."


"Hey doc?"


"Which 'end' are we talking about specifically?"



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