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Meme-y stuff x 2


No. 4.  A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about.

I've been very lucky in that I've never suffered a bad relationship or generally been badly hurt by someone in an important or lasting way, so there isn't anyone specifically that I would make a concerted effort to forget, so this was a tough one.  In the end, I've decided to choose a song that reminds me of Gaz, the ineffectual tosseer who I had the misfortune of having as a 'boss' for the last five months of my time at my old job.  He was the worst kind of Manager, and had absolutely no concept of making his reports feel valued.  Respect was a foreign language to him.  he never showed us any respect, and he sure as hell never received any from me.

Although I escaped from the prat eighteen months ago, to a job where I am made to feel like I make a difference every day, I dedicate this answer to him.  Because this is a concept he clearly struggles with, here's a song by a wonderful lady that reminds me every day of what a complete tit he is.


Which character would you most want to be in a long-term relationship with?

As much as I adoire Dean, I'm not sure he's long term relaationship material. I wouldn't mind giving it a try though :)

If you could go on just one date with one character, which one would you choose?

Well. my potential long term relation ship with Dean would have to start with just one date, wouldn't it ...

What would you do on the date?

We'd eat burgers, chat and flirt, and drink until we're both a bit tipsy, then sit under the stars enjoying each other's company then head back to the Impala, but because we were both a bit too tipsy to drive, we'd have to ...
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