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Meme-y stuff x 2

There are two memes on the go at the moment, and I've never been able to say no to a decent meme, so I'm going to have a daily go at each of them.

So, pilfered shamelessly from most of my F/list, here goes...

A song I like with a colour in the title:

Lots of options here, but I'm going from this classic from ELO.  Who can resist a bit of gloriously over the top ELO, and Mr Blue Skies ...

What season did you start watching supernatural?

The first season of Spn I saw was season 1, but I didn't see it until Christmas Day 2009, because a friend bought me the season 1 box set for Christmas that year.  She still has no real concept of what she unleashed upon the world!!!

(But Jensen knows ...)

Tags: extreme prettiness, facts about me, fangirl down, jensen, meme-y stuff

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