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Meme-y stuff ...

It's been a while since I did a meme, so ...
(Pilfered shamelessly from lots of people!)

Five things in my handbag

1. My wallet
2. Keys
3. An eyeliner pencil
4. Tic tacs
5. My phone.

Five things in my bedroom

1. My bed
2. Cuddly toys
3. An egyptian themed dressing table mirror
4. A Picture of the Reykjaik skyline
5. A portable air conditioner

Five things I've always wanted to do (and haven't yet done)

1. Go zorbing
2. Illustrate a book
3. Write/publish a book
4. Go to New Zealand south island
5. Meet all my F/list in real life

Five things I've always wanted to be

1. Economically comfortable enough to not have to work full time
2. Fitter and thinner (totally within my power if I only had those things called willpower and motivation)
3. Cleverer
4. I'd love to be able to sing well
5. Jensen's Masseuse ... that's something I'd like to be.

Five things that make me happy
(In no particular order)

1. Spending time with Mr D
2. Arting and writing (creating generally)
3. Conventions and holidays
4. Friends
5. My dapplegrey art exhibitions

Five things I'm currently into

1. Supernatural (well, DUH!)
2. Game of Thrones
3. Selling art
4. Arting
5. Drabbling

Five things on my to do list

1. Book our joint birthday special holiday for next year
2. Buy my Mother in Law's birthday present for next week
3. Do my Reversebang art
4. Catch up with my F/list
5. Finish a picture that I started about four weeks agi
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