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A day late for a double celebration!

So yesterday was a funny old day.

I was away doing arty stuff over on the dear old Isle of Wight, sixty miles and a boat ride away from Mr D who was busying himself at home doing 'man stuff', which seemed to entail making a bicycle wheel - just one??!!?? Was it a unicycle?  Cleaning out the pond filter (glad I was away for that job), Watching Top Gun, Convoy and The Guns of Navarone on DVD, eating take out and drinking brandy until his liver liquified.

There was also one other job he managed to do - and that was to text me to wish me happy anniversary, because yesterday marked 23 wonderful years since Mr D and I did this ...

(And yes, this was our wedding car.  Who needs a boring Rolls Royce when you've got a mighty mini!!)

It's always sad to be apart on our anniversary, but often it coincides with one of my August art shows, and we both accept that now.  We've made up for our separation by going out for a lovely meal this evening, and now we're back home feeling as fat as walruses, but very happy to have made it this far!

Of course, 20th August also marks a significant day for the Supernatural Family as one of our own,  everyone's favourite fallen angel, good guy extraordinaire, and unbearably loveable nutter, Misha Collins, celebrates a birthday on that day.  He was a, no doubt, very fresh-faced twenty year old on the day we tied the knot, and now he is still a ridiculously fresh faced forty-three year old, and I wish him every happiness on his special day and beyond!

Here's our lovely Misha - I think he's showing how big his - birthday cake - is ...

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