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Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated ...

... Fear ye not, chums, I have not departed this mortal realm in any way, I am deeply immersed in the madness that is GISHWHES, getting up to all sorts of weird and wonderful shenanigans, and all at the same time both loving and cursing our great and mightly overlord, Misha.

Tomorrow is my first free Saturday for three weeks, and you won't BELIEVE what I'm going to spend it doing!

But that's for another day.

Normal Jensen-lovin' service will be resumed on Sunday, after the hunt closes, and after I can finally get some SLEEP!!

So in the meantime, please excuse my absence, and my lack of f/list action.  As Arnie once said ...


'is it safe to come out yet?'
Of course not, you silly boy!
Tags: extreme prettiness, facts about me, fangirl down, gishwhes, happy dizzo, jensen

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