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Well, hello there!

So, it's been a while ...

I haven't be in circulation much since the end of last week.  I spent the weekend on the Isle of Wight working my first big dapplegrey art show of the season.  It was an exhausting weekend, but a successful one, and I'm thrilled to say that this little guy went to a lovely new home ...

I got back from the Isle of Wight late on Sunday and headed straight off to work Monday morning.  It was an uneventful day at work, but the evening after I left work was anything but uneventful.  Stopping off on the way home at my local supermarket, I parked up, got out of the car and was walking across the car park to the shop, when I somehow managed to get my feet tangled in some litter that had been left lying around, and the end result was a spectacular faceplant in the middle of the car park!  *sigh*

So such is life - after flying high at the art show this weekend, I've started the new week with a grazed knee, squished hand and very bruised pride!

And on the subject of bruised pride, it's GISHWHES time, so utter humiliation is the theme for pretty much the rest of this week.  Therefore, if I seem a little elusive over coming days, fear not, I and my chums are merrily GISHing the week away, and will no doubt have a few tales to tell when it's all over!

Love you all!
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