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Words and Pics from LFCC

Well, a lovely, if tiring, day was had by all yesterday.  I was shattered when I got home; shattered, hungry, footsore, and very happy!  It was great to catch up with  amberdreams, her hubby Paul, xlittleangx, theymp and his lovely family and Lone, our friend from Denmark.  Not that I saw much of them all!  There was so much going on, we were all running around doing different stuff.  Getting together was like herding cats!

At 3 pm, I disappeared into the photo halls as I had two photo ops booked; one at 3.30 pm with John Cleese and one at 5.00 pm with Mads Mikkelsen, and I gradually became embroiled in a melee of Rogue-worthy crowd and queue chaos.  It wasn't helped by the fact that poor John Cleese had to take an unprogrammed break during his photo shoot (I don't blame the guy, he is 80 and it was all a bit exhausting, hot and overpowering), but it kind of threw everything else out.  I ended up getting my photos at 5.45 pm and 6.45 pm (45 minutes after the show ended!)  But I got them, and that's the important thing.

Here are some of the highlights of a wonderful day:

The only group shot I managed to get during the day!

I found myself this very friendly Spartan to take a photo with.  I don't know where the other 299 were, but I would have liked to find them!

I became GI Jane for the afternoon - I think GI stands for Great Idjit in this case!

Sitting in Sheldon's precious spot on the couch in the Big Bang Living Room ...

... until Sheldon hoofed me out.

Then I had a go at Captaining the Enterprise - it's easy-peasy, I don't know what all the fuss is about!

When I finally got my picture with John Cleese it was well worth the wait!

I noticed that John's queue was very heavily male-orientated, and so I was in a definite minority, and I guess for that reason, he made a bit of a fuss of me.  I got a peck on the cheek and was told that I was a lovely smiley lady,  When I told him it was because I was happy to meet him, he said, 'likewise my Darling!'  He gave my hand a squeeze before I walked away.  I've not always heard the best stories about John Cleese and his interaction with people, but I can only go by my own experience, and he was delightful.

Mads Mikkellson was lovely - very charming, and VERY tanned!  It was so good of him to keep going until the bitter end to make sure that everyone got their photo!

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