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Long day has been long and brilliant!

Well, I'm finally home, fed and rested after a great day at London Film and Comic Con along with amberdreams, her hubby Paul, xlittleangx, theymp and his lovely family and Lone, our friend from Denmark.

I had two photos today, with Mags Mikkelsen and John Cleese and both ran late, so it was near seven before I left Olympia for the train ride home, and from my arrival at 10 am, I've been on my feet or sitting on the floor pretty much all day.

Photos and fun to follow tomorrow because I'm knackered with a capital KNACK and there's not a single part of my body that doesn't ache.

But it's been a day of fun, great company and a kiss from John Cleese, so you won't hear me complaining  My bed is calling loud and clear now ... over and out!
Tags: fandom friends, happy dizzo

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