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Ribbet Ribbet!

Mr D stepped outside the front of the house to take the bins out for the dustmen, and found these two little guys lurking in the shadows behind the bin.

They were bone dry and dusty, and all in all, it didn't look like a very salubrious place for a pair of toads to be living.

So I carried them out to the back of the house where we have our little pond, and deposited both of them on the edge of it; we'd barely turned our backs for thirty seconds before the pair of them were in, and looking up out of the water at us.

I figured they'd be more comfortable there, and they'd get lots of juicy pondskaters and other annoying buzzy things to eat.  I can't deny that part of me is hopeful that they might make themselves at home and get up to some toady naughties to spawn some more little toads because I just think that frogs and toads are sooo cute, and I would just love to play host to a little community of them.

So that's the big news from Dizzo-land today.   Nothing earth-shattering I'm afraid, but there you go!   So good night, thank you, and ribbet-ribbet!

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