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A Meme-y thingummybob

Because it has been and is likely to continue to be a helluva week and I want to do something mindless to unwind for ten minutes before I fall into bed!

Shamelessly purloined from milly_gal

Cacti or succulents
Butterflies or honeybees - love them both, but bees just sneak in front because they make yummy honey!
Typewritten or handwritten letters
Flower crowns or oversized sun hats -
Polaroids or film
Road tripping in a VW bus down the coast or camping in the woods on summer nights - love me some nights under canvas!
Cozy beanbags or breezy hammocks - both; I look like an upturned beetle trying to get out of either of them, so I have no preference to my most comfortable method of humiliation!
Oversized jumpers or fluffy bathrobes
Banana bread or pumpkin spiced loaf
The smell of old books or the smell of petrichor - I love books with a passion, and that includes the smell of them, but the smell of the air and the ground after a summer rainshower is something magical
Chapstick or matte lipstick
Macarons or éclairs - don't care for fresh cream
A candlelit bath or a naturally lit reading room
A matinee at a musical or a evening at the art gallery - I'd love them both
Creamy hot cocoa with marshmallows or dippable hot chocolate with churros
Poetry or prose - I enjoy both, but I'm probably more drawn toward prose
Vinyl or cassettes
Antique shops or second hand stores
A heavy, rich chocolate cake with ganache and caramel or a light, summer sponge cake with cream and fruit - chocolate always works for me!
Purikuras or photo booths - I have no idea what a Purikura is!
Cozy scarfs or warm beanies
Rose gold or copper - I love both
Watching the sky at sunset from the beach or watching the city below from an airplane at night
Mason jars or coffee mugs
Puffy clouds and blue skies or thunder and lighting on rainy days - gotta love a bit of dramatic weather!
A cup of hot tea or a bowl of warm soup - ot would depend very much on the soup, but as I am generally not a lover of soup - a nice cup of strong tea!.
Picnic on a grassy hill or tea in a flower garden
Silk or lace - not generally drawn to either, but I do at least own some silk.  Lace ... ugh!
Sketching in a museum or journaling in a café - like asking me to choose between joy and happiness!
Converse high tops or beaded summer sandals - not really either.
Sweet crêpes or fluffy pancakes
Galaxies or nebulae - both equally beautiful!
Cuff-chain earrings or full finger rings - neither.  I don't have pierced ears and I only wear four rings, my wedding ring and three family heirlooms
Knee socks or leggings - neither.  Ankle socks for me.
In bed or out in the rain - rain is something I like to look at, not to interact with!
The muted colors of winter or the vibrant colors of summer
Autumn leaves or spring flowers - they're both beautiful, but spring is my favourite time of year!
Summer fruits: peaches, berries, cherries, and apricots or tropical fruits: pineapples, mangos, papaya, and grapefruit.
Malt shakes or ice cream floats
Smooth jazz or lo-fi - no idea.  I'm not much of a music afficionado.
Waves lapping at the shore or wind rolling over wheat fields
Sunflowers or lavender.  Lavender has a beautiful scent and atttracts bumblebees!
Enamel pins or embroidered patches
Fresh cheeses and cured meats or fresh bread and homemade jams - IAm I allowed to have fresh cheese and homemade bread?
Fireworks or sparklers
Bath bombs or scented candles
Library borrower cards or vintage postcards - nev er really shown an interest in either!
Singing and playing the ukulele while walking or singing in the car with the windows down.  How random!  As I hae no musical talent whatsoever, or a ukelele, I have to go for the second option!
Filling your passport with stamps from each place you travel to or collecting souvenirs from every place you’ve travelled to - passport stamps don't collect dust!  Although they're pretty much obsolete now.
_____ or _____ - Anything you'd want me to choose from?
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