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I am an awesome daughter. Maybe?

I've been away visiting my parents this weekend, hence my more-or-less radio silence oer the last couple of days.

It was my Dad's birthday on Friday, so the visit was mainly to spend some quality time with Mum and Dad for his birthday and to take him his birthday presents.  I bought him two books, on subject matter that I knew he would enjoy - The Titanic, and British History.  In all my years, I have never once seen my Dad read a fiction book; he devours factual books like a man starved, but fiction leaves him completely cold - weird huh?

But I also took him some treats to enjoy while he was reading his new books.  A few bars of Cadbury's chocolate (best chcolate in the world, apparently), and a couple of tubes of Pringles. Smokey Bacon Pringles.

It seems that such exotic fare hasn't made it over the Solent to the Isle of Wight yet, so my Dad's eyes lit up when he saw the smokey bacon Pringles - he didn't even know they existed, and I've spent the weekend listening to him munching on them and making the sort of happy noises you really don't want to hear your Dad making.

Now I have a regular order for each visit.  Half a dozen tubes of Smokey Bacon Pringles each time, or I won't be allowed in the house!

I'm either an awesome daughter for inroduciing my father to such a taste sensation - or a terrible one for leading him into temptation!

The jury's out!

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