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Okay, let's talk about toilets.

Now, I have to say, it's not a subject that occupies a great deal of my time, but there are always exceptions, and Thursday night was one of them.

I went out with the HR girls on Thursday night to a hotel/restaurant in Beaconsfield called the Crazy Bear.  I'd heard that this place was an experience in every sense of the word, and it wasn't just the food that was spectacular.

It was an amazing, ostentatious, hilariously over the top place.  It could, so easily, have looked tacky and naff, but somehow it didn't.  The decor had been designed very cleverly tongue in cheek and looked incredible!

One of the lounges that looked like it had been designed by the Trickster!

Another bar with a distinctly Moroccan theme.

This would no doubt be Crowley's favourite lounge.

An african themed part of the restaurant - not keen on the stuffed animals!  :P

The little booth where we spent the evening:

Halfway through the evening, Anita excused herself and headed downstairs to the little girls' room, and when she came back ten minutes later, she looked completely shellshocked and said, "you've GOT to check these loos out!"

So, Keara, Kathryn and I duly headed down the stairs to the ladies and ... WOW.

Never had I had the opportunity to spend a penny in such mindbending opulence!  The whole room was coated and decorated in glass.  It took us a while to figure out where the wall ended and the cubicle doors began.  I thought I was going to end up having a pee in the cleaners cupboard!  But, anyway ...

The staircase down to the ladies:


Tyriing to figure out where the ceiling ends and the walls begin:

Fancy fountain style sinks - and apparently we're not the only ones that go down to the loos to take pictures!

A wonderful place to have a wee and feel like you're on an LSD trip all at the same time!

The obligatory selfie in the mirror!

So there you go; the humble toilet can be a thing of beauty.  You just need a lot of imagination, and a good discount at your local glaziers workshop!
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