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A good day with dapplegrey art!

I didn't get around to posting these pics at the weekend.

I had an art show on Saturday, in the village where I live, so nice and convenient!  Mr D helped me erect the stall, and I'm sure that it was no coincidence that he manoeuvred it so that it was right opposite the coffee shop!

I always like working the Fayre in the Square in Lightwater; I'm always well supported when I'm there, and with maybe one exception a couple of years ago, the sun always seems to shine on me, and this Saturday was no different.

I had lots of space, and with no rain and no wind to worry about, could spread out to my hearts content.  so I did!

And I think, I can safely say that the theme of the day was three (or maybe two and a half) horses ...
I somehow managed to sell the original and both prints that I had in stock of this picture, and even got an order for another print when I'd made some more up.

You watch, I'll order a stackload of replacement prints then no bugger will look at it for rest of the summer!!!

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