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Oh Cas ...

Here's a couple of Cas-centric drabbles I've wriitten recently.

You know, for an angel, that Castiel isn't a very fast learner ...

Both drabbles:

Rating: K+
Genre: Gen, humour, friendship
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer:: Don't own them


Castiel doesn't quite 'get' the whole beach thing, but he's learning ...


Standing in the chest-deep water, Castiel watched the Winchesters horsing around in the surf beside him.

Jumping through the waves and splashing around, they laughed and bantered. Dean threw the brothers' hastily purchased 'minions' beach ball at Sam's head and Sam retaliated by dunking him.

Castiel couldn't understand why simply by immersing themselves in a massive expanse of cold, undrinkable water, the Winchesters were suddenly energised and full of glee when they were usually so pensive; crushed by the pressure of their lives.

But he would learn, and join in the Winchesters' fun.

Maybe he would start by taking his trenchcoat off.




We join Team Free will during a quiet moment of relaxation and introspection ...


The three men lay on the windswept hillside watching the clouds scuttling overhead.

"That cloud looks like a kangaroo," Sam stated absently.

"This one looks like a pair of boobs," Dean grinned; "about 36C."

Sam rolled his eyes; "typical," he grunted.

Dean grinned; "you're only jealous!"

They turned to the trenchcoated figure lying between them.

"What do you see, Cas?"

"Uh, a condensed mass of water vapour floating in the earth's stratosphere?" the angel replied hesitantly.


"Although it could be a flower …"


"Or a tambourine …


"Or a monkey in a red hat …"

"Forget it Cas," Dean grumbled; "the moment's gone."



Tags: castiel, dean winchester, drabbles, fan fiction, friends, humour, sam winchester, supernatural

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