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It's hello from Dizzo-land

Well, better late than never!

I've deliberately been keeping away from social media today so that I could try to focus on my Summergen scribbliings without distraction.  That worked to a certain degree until lunchtime when I went on Youtube looking for videos of Ayalon, the super-talented band that jj1564's son, Sam, is a member of and an hour later, I found myself watching a video about the seven strangest things found in the ocean ...

So much for focus!

Anyhow.  I wanted to post about the fun and shenanigans that were had yesterday when milly_gal and I headed east to beautiful Kent, to help our lovely jj1564 to celebrate her birthday.

We started off at a gorgeous old pub for a delicious lunch, and a much-needed catch up before heading back to Miss JJ's where much fun and high-jinks were had - particularly when a certain special guest turned up ...

all photos courtesy of milly_gal

Later in the day, we headed off to an outdior music festival, the highlight of which was an appearance by Ayalon, the wonderful band that Sam, JJ's son, is a member of.  These guys have some serious talent.  here, don't take my word for it ...

So all in all a wonderful day.  Although I'm not entirely sure poor Jensen would agree ...

Tags: extreme prettiness, fandom friends, fangirl down, happy dizzo, jensen, silliness

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