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Possibly the most boring pictures I have ever posted, but ...

You may remember back at the end of January, I posted about the leak that Mr D and I discovered behind our kitchen sink.  We think the leak had been going on for months without our knowledge because the offending pipe was out of sight.  For such a small leak, it caused a ridiculous amount of damage; it ruined our kitchen floor, our hall carpet and the wooden unit which housed the kitchen sink.  Luckily the insurance agreed to pay for the damage, which was a huge relief given that the total repair bill came to just over two and a half thousand pounds!

The original hall carpet and kitchen floor was taken up at the end of February, and about a month later, the carpenter came to replace the kitchen sink cabinet, but since then Mr D and I have been walking around on bare concrete waiting for the floor to dry to a sufficient point that the new hall carpet and kitchen laminate can be laid on top of it. Also, everything that would have been on the kitchen floor, (and in its adjoining walk-in cupboard) such as shoe racks and cases of dapplegrey art stock have been piled up in the dining room - I haven't seen our dining table for five months.

Finally, last week the floor was deemed suitable - almost five months after the leak was discovered, and today we had our new kitchen floor and hall carpet laid, and I am SO relieved to get back to some degree of normality!

After the fiasco with our new boiler and the asbestos saga at the beginning of January, and then this, I just need the house to PLAY NICE for the rest of the year!

Please - it's not too much to ask, is it?

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