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Fun and Sunshine in old London Town

I, and the girls I work with in the HR Department had been talking about taking a girls' day out for some time, and we'd settled on yesterday for the date, although we hadn't decided on a venue.  We'd talked about Windsor, Guildford, Salisbury and London.  Then, last weekend, after the terrorist outrage at London Bridge, we all got together on Monday and decided within the space of two minutes.

London it is.

And so, yesterday, armed with lots of enthusiam, equal amounts of silliness and newly-purchased sailor hats (well, we'd decided to take a boat trip down the Thames - had to be done), we all met up and headed toward the South Bank.

What a beautiful day!  The sun shone all day, and the South Bank was packed, busier than I'd seen it for a very long time.  There was a fantastic carnival atmosphere with thousands of people dancing, laughing and just generally enjoying life, all to the accompaniment of a steel band playing outside the Royal Festival Hall, and that's where we started off.

Quite possibly the tallest man in London!!!  O.o


Aye-aye Captain!

I think he was from Pluto or something ...


Last item on the agenda at the South Bank was to get our faces painted, afterwards we headed into the Royal Festival Hall to try out their legendary restaurant and gin bar, Skylon.

We approved of the products.

and we approved of the barman too ...
(the lovely Tibault from France)

From there, we took a boat down the River, heading eastwards toward the O2.

While we waited, there was a definite whiff of low tide.  Phooeee!!!

A lot of people on the Thames.  We were the only ones with sailor hats though!

Of course, there was a bar on the boat, so being sailors and all, there was a certain amount of grog that had to be consumed.

Beautiful Tower Bridge, the entrance to the Pool of London

After we arried at the O2, that was the only part of the day that was a bust because there was a Take That concert that evening, and there were thousands of people milling around, so our chances of finding anywhere to grab a bite to eat were zero, so we headed for the underground to London Bridge, and then on to Kings Cross where we found a great place to grab a burger, then headed to a wonderful bar call the German Gymnasium to continue the theme of the day ...

Then, we just strolled, and soaked up the atmosphere.  We walked  and chatted for a while until we found ourselves in Trafalgar Square, where we found a very interesting statue - apart from the obvious one, of course ...

That was a very big thumbs up, which was kind of appropriate for the day, really.

And here we are with the great man himself looking down on us disapprovingly!

I eventually got home about midnight, footsore and slightly squiffy, but at the same time energised and happy.  It was a great day spent in the sunshine with a great group of people.

I've never been prouder of my city than I was yesterday.
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