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The Man in the Mirror - Chapter 5


It took Dean an uncomfortably long moment to find his tongue and then blurt out the story of his mysterious clinical trial to Bobby and Tom
They both listened, nodding non-judgementally as Dean described the nature of the trials and what he had been asked of him, waiting patiently until he stopped speaking, giving him a moment to compose himself.

Blowing out his cheeks, Bobby scratched his head as the enormity of the situation gradually began to dawn; "I guess that'd do it," he sighed.

Dean leapt to his feet, and scraped shaking fingers through his hair, shooting his apparent clone a furious glare before he stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

The four remaining figures in the room glanced nervously at each other as the dust from Dean's hasty exit began to settle. Eventually, Sam moved to follow him, but was stilled by Bobby's hand. "Give him time," he murmured; "I'll go talk to him in a minute, he's less likely to bite my head off than yours," he smiled.

Sam nodded hesitantly casting a worried glance toward the door where Dean had disappeared. He patted the clone on the shoulder, treating him to a reassuring smile.


"I guess we need to give you your own name," Bobby addressed their strange guest, breaking the ice that had settled over the room; "we can't keep callin' you 'hey you!'

The clone looked up; "I'm Dean Winsborough," he replied unsurely.

Bobby shook his head, pointing back toward the closed door; "no, he's Dean Winch - uh - Winsborough," he began; "the least you deserve, kid, is your own identity. We need to find you a name of your own; 'sides, it's gonna be friggin' confusing with two Deans roamin' round the place."

The clone paused in thought, looking up at Sam as if for inspiration. Eventually, he wilted in defeat. "I don't know any names," he whispered; "only Sam and Dean … and Bobby, oh, and Tom."

"Well, there's a job for you two, while I go and visit our original Dean," Bobby announced, gesturing toward Sam and Tom, giving no time for argument as he walked through the door.


Dean was sitting on the bottom step of the staircase when Bobby approached him; "hey, son," he smiled.

"Hey, yourself," Dean grunted without looking up.

Bobby sat down heavily next to Dean; "well this is a thing, ain't no mistake," he began cautiously.

"It's a goddamn 'thing', alright," Dean snorted sourly; "I only did those stupid trials to save Sammy having to get a freakin' job," Dean bit his lip to stem the tirade of anger that was threatening to burst forth; "how the hell could this have happened? Who's done this?"

Bobby gave him a moment. "I don't know, son," he replied with a sigh; "this is a new one, even compared to some of the shit I've seen."

Dean's head dropped into his hands; "I can't even look at him Bobby," he murmured; "he's just a walking, talking great goddamn reminder of what these sonsofbitches have done to me."

Bobby gave a sympathetic smile; "d'you know what?" he began; "I get it, I do, really. You've been violated in ways I can't even begin to imagine or understand, and you want to find out how and why, and get some justice." Bobby squeezed Dean's shoulder, imparting a small gesture of unity before continuing; "I want that too, so does Sam and Tom, and I know we're all gonna bust our asses to find these bastards and deal with them, you know that don't you?"

Dean hesitated, his eyes beginning to swim as he regarded the sincerity in Bobby's face.
"Yeah," he whispered, biting his lip; "I know that".

"But there's something else I know," Bobby continued; "that guy, clone, whatever-he-is, in there; he's the result of what they did to you, but he's also as much of a victim in this as you are." He hesitated for moment, allowing his words to sink in; "he's confused, there's people who wanna hurt him by the sounds of it, people that could put him - and us - in danger, and he's scared. We're the only ones he's got to help him."

"He couldn't help being created any more than a child can help being conceived," Bobby stated finally.

Dean stared at Bobby and nodded slowly.

"Don't take it out on him," Bobby pleaded eventually; "take it out on those assholes when we find them by all means; I'll gladly hold 'em down while you punch their lights out, but it ain't his fault – don't damage him any more than he's already been damaged."

Dean remained silent for an uncomfortably long time, long enough that Bobby began to fidget awkwardly, thinking he'd overstepped the mark. He sighed in relief when Dean eventually gave a silent nod. "You're right," he mumbled into his chest, "it's not his fault; I'm not angry at him. I'm just, well, angry."

Bobby smiled as he recognised the moment when Dean's slumped shoulders squared and he snapped back into himself. "I guess I'd better get used to being a twin," he smiled weakly, and followed it up with a pale imitation of his trademark smirk; "I'm still the better looking one though!"

Bobby rolled his eyes; "yeah, well, git yer perfectly-formed ass back in there, and help that doppelganger of yours find himself a decent name."


Dean and Bobby returned to the room to find Tom and Sam smiling broadly as they gestured toward the clone.

"Dean, I'd like you to meet our new friend … Jimmy."

"Jimmy?" Dean paused in thought for a moment before giving an approving nod; "nice one!"

"Sam helped me to choose a name you would like," Jimmy added eagerly.

Dean smiled; "yeah well, he has his uses sometimes … well, for a snot-nosed, great big little brother that is."

He ducked as Sam flung one of bobby's Books across the room at him.

It was the first time any of them had heard Jimmy laugh.



A/N: Sam and Boobby decided to name Jimmy after one of Dean's favourite musicians: Jimmy Page, the great Led Zeppelin guitarist!

Chapter 4
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