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A few more JIB Photos ...

All photos courtesy of xlittleangx

After the Jason/Rob concert
(herminekurotowa in the foregreound)

With sillie82

Lone, dean_hugs_sammy, amberdreams, xlittleangx, Wendy and Alex

At the Hilton with Anne, Brenda, xlittleangx

And again

Lunch at the airport with xlittleangx plus one

Travellator fun - roaming through the airport - Wendy, sinfulslasher, herminekurotowa

More travellator fun - Wendy, xlittleangx, herminekurotowa and sinfulslasher

Gellato selfie (on a travellator no less) Wendy, Alex, sinfulslasher, Eva, Anya, stellamira, herminekurotowa, amberdreams

Another Gellato selfie (still on the Travellator) - Gellato selfie (on a travellator no less) xlittleangx, Wendy, Alex, sinfulslasher, stellamira, herminekurotowa, amberdreams

In a queue with herminekurotowa, stellamira

Tags: fandom friends, happy dizzo, jus in bello
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