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FanFest Olympia

A grand day was had by all as a gaggle iof us descended upon Olympia for Fanfest Heroes and Villains 2017.  Thanks to jj1564, amberdreams, xlittleangx and others for making such a special day to remember, and a nice little treat for those of us still coming down from our convention highs.

Highlight of my day was meeting this illustrious gentleman:  Now my question is, what could possibly be better than John Barrowman?

Well, TWO John Barrowmans of course!!!

Do I look happy?  I was happy!  Who wouldn't be happy snuggled up to a brace of Captain Jacks?

I also bumped into this gentleman ...

He was obviously far too busy to stave my head in with Lucille, and for that I was  grateful.  After the dent that Jared left in my ribs, I didn't need a dent in my head too!!!
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