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Your opinion matters!

Some of you may know that every year, I enter my artwork into the 'Ken Bromley Cover Competition'.

In short, Ken Bromley Art Supplies is the UK's biggest online supplier of art equipment, and every year they run a compeition for artists to submit a piece of work, one of which will be chosen to appear on the cover of their autumn catalogue.  This catalogue will be distributed to over 100,000 houseeholds in the UK and beyond, so that's a lot of exposure!

I've entered this competition every year for about the last eight years and although I've not ever won it, all bar two times, I've made the final shortlist of fifty pictures.

So once again, it's time to choose my submission for 2017.  This is where you friends of dapplegrey art come in:

These are the four pictures I'm going to make my choice from.  So decide which picture you like best and leave your vote as a comment below. After next Sunday (4th June), I'll submit the picture that has the most votes into the competition!

Thank you!

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