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It's that funny time again, like coming down from an amazing high; the hangover after a fantastic party!

So many emotions swirling around now that my cons are done; I truly don't know whether to laugh or cry - I've done plenty of both in the last week ...

There's such sadness that it's all over.
Gladness that both Asylum and JIB have been confirmed for next year, and that all being well, I'll be able to do it all again
Excitement and happiness from meeting our gorgeous, amazing cast.
Enormous gratitude that I'm in a position to be able to enjoy these fantastic experiences.
And most of all; sheer, overwhelming joy that for a few fabulous days every year, my wonderful f/listies, especially you overseas ladies become real; not just an exchange of words and pictures on a screen, but real human beings, and despite the cost of these cons, that is something that money simply cannot buy. It's my heartfelt wish to be able to meet each and every one of you in real life at some point!

sasha_dragon, amberdreams, xlittleangx, sinfulslasher, herminekurotowa, heavenli24, stellamira, dean_hugs_sammy, sillie82, Wendy, Anja, Eva, Alex and Lone.  There are so many more lovely ladies who I've crossed paths with over the last few days, and I'd have to have something resembling a memory to list them all.  Whoever you are just know that I've loved every moment I've spent with you all.

So today is a chill-out day (hence the posting), and tonight we're heading off to the (formerly) Jailbreak concert for one last hurrah before the journey home tomorrow.

When I get home and have managed to scan my pics, I'll put them up - be warned, the demented face is out in force ... when it wasn't getting squashed to a pulp into Jared's chest that is,

And so just to round off, here's a picture of three random dudes and some weird British bird who looks a bit happy.  Can't imagine why ...

Random note:  I'm 5' 7".  In the heeled boots that I wear at cons, I stand around 5'' 10".  How in the name of Chuck do I shrink to the point of looking like a freaking hobbit in the presence of these guys?????
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