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So it begins ...


I've officially finished work for two weeks, and my con adventure starts tomorrow!!!!!

Travelling up to Blackpool tomorrow, then meeting the gorgeous sasha_dragon on Friday ready for the Asylum madness to begin!  Back home on Monday for one evening to do a bit of laundry and repack, then off to Rome on Tuesday morning to meet up with amberdreams, xlittleangx, herminekurotowa, sinfulslasher, heavenli24 and many others for the joy that is JIB!

So, I know from experience that the wireless at the Hilton in Rome is a bit naff, and what the wireless is like in the Norbreck Castle in Blackpool is anybody's guess (has wireless even made it to Blackpool???)

So, loving you all; I'll check in when I can, and in the meantime ...

British Men of Letters anyone?
(In J2's absence, they'll do nicely ... :D )

Tags: asylum 18, happy dizzo, jus in bello

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