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A dapplegrey day!

Well, today was the first day of the two day Basingstoke Rotary Festival, and dapplegrey art's first outing of the season.  It's always nice to get back on the road after the winter hiaitus, and catch up with old faces on the craft fayre circut.

I got to the ground at the crack of dawn and took my time over setting up, and as a result the stall looked pretty good when I'd finished, even if I say so myself!

It was nice to get DG out of mothballs, and reinstate him in his usual position; welcoming potential customers into my little empire!

It was wonderful to see my lovely milly_gal and her equally lovely Steve at the show, and they were temporarily roped in as temp staff, as I took advantage of the fact that I had company and left them in charge of things while I ran off to do all the things that are difficult to do when you're manning a stall solo - like going for a wee and grabbing lunch!  Thanks also to Milly and Steve for my gorgeous birthday necklaces - they will be making an appearance at Asylum 18, that's for sure!

Basingstoke is traditionally a show where I pick up a commission or two, and a lot of business cards went today, so I'm quietly confident for an encore in that respect.

But now, I'm home, glass of wine in hand, I've got a sunburned nose and my feet ache.  Whoever said selling art would be glamorous???
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