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30 Day meme challenge

Day 20 - concerts you've attended

I've attended several concerts of various descriptions.  Often local ones showcasing local bands or tribute bands, but the ones that really stay wiith me were the brilliant stagings of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds.  I saw this fantatic production five times over eight years (basically every time it toured), twice at Wembley Arena, and three times at the O2.

Jeff Wayne's Musical Interpretation of War of the Worlds was released in 1978, when I was ten.  My Dad bought it on the day it was released, and played it ad nauseum, so it was one fo the soundtracks of my youth.  I inherited his love of this stunning piece of music, and it was the very first album I bought on CD.

It's been with me ever since and I will never tire of its sheer genius.

When the concert tours were first announced, I was eager, but cautious.  It's an epic piece of music, and it needed an epic staging to justify it.  I needn't have worried - the production was spectacular, complete with twenty feet high Martian fighting machine,  and beautifully emotional, just like the original soundtrack.  'Forever Autumn' (sung in concert by Justin Hayward whose voice has stood the test of time) and 'Thunderchild', moved me to tears as always.

Here are a few shots from the final tour in 2015:

The Martian Fighting Machine

The Artillaryman

Thunderchild, sung by the Voice of Humanity

The Journalist

The Finale

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