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30 Day meme challenge

Day 14 - Provide pictures of five celebrity crushes:

Okay, well I only have one celebrity crush going on at the moment,  and that's the way it's been for a few years now.
Just in case you were any way unclear, this gentleman is my current celebrity crush, and likely to remain so for the foreseeable future ...

 photo 17523177_1396253160430935_7459232363152226416_n_zpsguxylq5r.jpg

So therefore, for your entertainment, here are four more celebrity crushes from my dim, distant past ...

Roger Taylor, my favourite Durannie!

 photo 656794687_zps5xzsj8jk.jpg

Roger Taylor, Queen drummer.  I obviously have a thing for drummers called Roger Taylor!

 photo roger-radio-ga-ga_zpsrmncwlbi.png

Seb Coe,  Don't judge me - it was the Moscow Olympics and I was 12, okay?

 photo coe_zpsmqtfoyeb.jpg

Han Solo -- where my love for good-hearted bad boys began!

 photo Han_Solo_2_zpsxdnea2vo.jpg
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